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Wow, you're actually interested in and/or reading this crap? I now name you 'Grego,' reader of Bios! Don't like the name? Neither do I.

Well, what can I say about myself? I am a random updater. Sometimes I'll update three things in one day, and other times I'll take a week and a half to update one. Depends on how motivated I am to write and/or if I decide to let reality encompass me. Pretty much ALL of my stories are AU, because, let's face it, things in them happen that would NEVER happen to the characters.

Current Story Status:

Cycles of Life:

Well, the 13th chapter is up, and the 14th is in progress. The next chapter is going to be the last 'serious' chapter, and then I'm giving the Fellowship a break for the next few before I either decide to end it and write a sequel, or just continue on with this story. The next chapter will be up about 3-5 days after the next chapter of 'Hold True to Each Other' comes out.

Hold True to Each Other:

This story is far from dying, astonishingly. I did not expect to like writing this story so much, but I have all my plans sorted out for it. Believe or not, the next few chapters I have written up. It's just a matter of typing them and correcting them.

I know it's been a really long time since I've updated, but I have not abandoned my stories! I've been working on the outline of HTtEO...and have realized that it is becoming a Legotorture...ack... I tried to stray away from that, but alas, it was no use. So I am warning you all now! Hold True to Each Other will contain eventual Legotorture! And it will also eventually be updated. Hopefully.

Hold True to Each Other II (Story title currently unknown until I think one up):

Yep, that's right. Just started the first one and already have ideas for a sequel. The sequel, I warn you, WILL, without a doubt, be a slash between Aragorn and Legolas and about further adventures they are sent on by Gandalf.

Dreams of Fallen Leaves:

I am unsure when this story will go up, but I've got a plot halfway sorted out for it. Basically, Boromir, who is 18, gets into a fight with his brother(a 15 year old Faramir), who ends up running away because of it. Boromir goes to search for him, and runs into a certain Elf. This story was originally going to be a Boromir/Legolas, but I'm not really sure now. I guess I'll let the characters decide.

(Title Unknown Until Further Notice):

Well, well, what have I gone and gotten myself into this time, you may ask?? Writing a story at the request of a twelve year old, is what. A LotR/Zelda Crossover. I'm no expert on Zelda, but I've started it and now have the 1st chapter up.

Well, that's it. I'll let you go on about your business now.

Navaer! (Farewell!)

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