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Quick note before I dive into my bio: yes, I did change my handle. After watching the movie again a while back, I got inspired to change it to this name, in honor of the scene where Ron tries to turn Scabbers yellow. Think of it as a tribute to my favorite character :D. Hope it doesn't cause too much confusion!

Now onto the "important" stuff :)...

Hello! I am fairly new to the Harry Potter "world." I fell in love with HP after watching PS the movie(or SS the movie, as it's known in this part of the world--I'm a purist, though, so I refer to it as PS LOL), then went out and promptly devoured all the books (JK Rowling is a genius!!). Before I knew it, I found myself writing fanfics for this fandom as well (I dabbled in other fictional worlds before trying my hand at HP fics), and I've been having a blast!!

I've been writing since I was little (my parents tell me I was already making up stories as early as four years old), except for a break during my high school and college years. I'm currently working on my first novel, which has been one of the most grueling tasks I have ever undertaken, but also one of the most rewarding...

In between writing my novel and trying not to drown in the work load of graduate school, I love to read (I sometimes think I am the world's biggest bookworm), watch movies, and of course, write fanfics: HP, Star Wars (my first love--I wrote stories here on under the pen name "jedicallie," but unfortunately, I have long forgotten my login info for that username, hence the new pen name), Homefront, and Days of our Lives.

Incidentally, you may notice certain reoccuring themes in my HP fics:

1) Ron and Hermione always end up together (JK Rowling, you are my hero!! Thank you for putting them together...)


2) Ron Weasley usually ends up figuring quite prominently :). Blame it on Rupert Grint!! Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love Harry, and I absolutely adore Hermione as well, but after seeing the movie, I have to say that Rupert completely won me over (can I adopt him??). Ron's definitely etched his place in my heart... :)

Hope you enjoy my HP fics, as well my SW fics, if you're curious enough to check them out, though I'm ashamed to say I have not had the chance to finish the one I was working on, sorry! It was probably just as well though, as the coupling I had chosen to write about was... unpopular, to say the least ;) (seems I am one of only a handful of people who wanted to see Luke Skywalker with a certain Force-less Jedi *sigh*). But I do love the SW universe, and I will continue to write SW fics; they just won't have anything to do with the books from here on out. The movies have always been my true passion (George Lucas sits atop that pedestal alongside Ms. Rowling), and apart from the two penned by my favorite author, the books just never really captured me.

Last but not least, feel free to drop me a line if you have any comments or just feel like talking about the beauty that is Ron and Hermione, or anything else in the HP universe, or anything about the SW movies, for that matter! :)


P.S. Shameless plug time :). My friend, Chickadilly, and I co-wrote a humorous pre-wedding story. It's called "The Ghoul In The Attic." Check it out: http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=851107

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