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There's a quick link to my fanfiction name, if 'neone here wants to read my fanfics. I have 20+ to choose from, so enjoy! :D

If 'neone wants to IM me or anything, you're free to! :D



Favorite musicals: The Lion King, Little Shop of Horrors, Les Miserables, Cabaret and Phantom of the Opera
Scared of: Spiders, being trapped under water, school counselor, june bugs, Samara
Grossest foods: FISH, asparagus, mushrooms, lasagne
FAVE BAD GUYS: Jack Sparrow, Lestat de Lioncourt and Zaphod Beeblebrox!
Fave food: Pizza
Fave color: Pourpre
Fave movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
Fave cute movie: Finding Nemo
Fave books: The DaVinci Code, Interview With the Vampire and HP series
What I want to be: Linguist
Loves: My buddies! Jason, Jason, KC, Dan, Steffen, Zoar, Tim, DJ, Chelsea, Christina, Layla, Bear, Billy, JD3, Chris, Shawna, Erik, Blake, Bobek, Mel, Robbie, Amanda, Alyssa, Jen, Neva, Tommy, Rachel, Ellery, Jim, Cathy, Jessica, Barbara, Shley, Mary, Sara, Amanda, Margo, Margaret, Lisa, Nicole, and... I swear that's it... if I missed anybody, I'm sorry... lol

I like the movies Wicker Park, The Village, Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, The Green Mile, Moulin Rouge, Titanic, A Knight's Tale, The Patriot, Hook, As Good as it Gets, Three Amigos, Josie and the Pussycats, What Dreams May Come, Jurassic Park, Conspiracy Theory, and Maverick.

My favorite musicals are Little Shop of Horrors, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Cabaret, and Lion King! Lion King, les Mis and Phantom I've seen all once. Seen Cabaret four - count em - four times! Teehee!

Fave composers are James Horner, John Williams Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, Jerry Goldsmith, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri and Howard Shore.

My favorite authors are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dan Brown, Mary Shelley, Anne Rice, KA Applegate, JK Rowling, Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Stephen King, Paul Jennings and JM Barrie.

My fave actors are Greg Kinnear, Johnny Depp, Tim Curry, Robin Williams, Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, Mel Gibson, Chris Tucker, Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, Catherine Zeta Jones, Anthony Hopkins, and Bruce Willis. Actually, the list goes on.

My favorite books are Frankenstein, The Vampire Chronicles, The Phantom of the Opera, Phantom, Farenheit 451, Harry Potter series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and A Tell Tale Heart. Some Stephen King books are pretty good as well.


"Oh Lestat, you deserved everything that ever happened to you. You'd better not die. You might actually go to hell."
~Lestat, The Vampire Lestat

"Lestat! You are the damnedest creature!"
~Marius, The Vampire Lestat

"Oh no, not again."
~Bowl of petunias, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


"Some of you may die, but that's a sacrafice I'm willing to make."
~Lord Farquad, Shrek

"Drink up, me 'earties, yoho."
~Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

"This isn't working, he likes it! Let's torture the rat!"
~Polly, Muppet Treasure Island

"Beware lad, beware!"
"What, the one-legged man?"
"Aye, but also, beware running with scissors or any other pointy object! It's all good fun, until someone loses an eye!"
~Billy Bones and Jim, Muppet Treasure Island

"I'm a pig! I need commitment!"
~Miss Piggy, Muppet Treasure Island

"But lots of people, that's their story - good times and noodle salad. And that's what makes it hard. Not that you had it bad, but being that pissed that so many had it good!"
~Melvin, As Good as it Gets

~Sam, The Mexican

"I made a promise, Mr. Frodo, a promise. Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee, and I don't mean to. I don't mean to."
~Sam, Lord of the Rings (awww)

"Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I'm being repressed!"
~Dennis, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

"Ocean breeze... Like a cruise, except there's no boat and you don't actually go anywhere."
~Frog, Muppets Take Manhattan

"Don't TOUCH!"
~Clark Griswald, Vacation

"Smee, flunk the maggot."
~Captain Hook, Hook

"I just had an appostrophy."
~Smee, Hook

"You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you, Peter Pan. That's where I'll be waiting."
~Tinkerbell, Hook


"Man, this is weird...Halfway into this operation, and I've just drawn a total blank on procedure...In fact, I think I'm an ice cream man."

"Think about it, Murray...If we could get this baby runnin', we could run over hikers, pick up females, chase down mule deer - man, we'd be the grizzlies from hell."


"Ya know when guys are on their skateboards and have made a ramp out of plywood and are soaring through the air after rolling as fast as they can over a truck and in that instant that they're off the ground completely and about 10 feet in the air before they hit the pavement and break their skulls open and they're shouting "Duuuude this is so cool!"? - I think I felt a little like that."

"Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto someone's neck, and the guy screams and tries to get it off, I have to laugh, because what is that thing."
~Jack Handey


~Daroga's Rainy Daae :)

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