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Good day, reader! I'm Phantwo J Fou, a writer and aspiring musician. I'm a big fan of The Phantom of the Opera. I'm very interested in history and psychology, and I like reading historical fiction, romance (not the smutty or too sappy kind), some fantasy and some espionage. I write mostly romance and angst; it's what I do best. (Oh dear.) My major work in progress right now is a novel called Chronicles of Immortality, only called so for the fact that the main characters are immortal. It's an angst/romance (what a surprise!) and has been restarted many times because I can't come up with a good plot for it. (If I come up with a good one, I can't come up with a good way to go about writing it.) I like to play guitar and sing. Anyway, I feel like writing lists now, so here goes:

FAVOURITES Foods: Pasta, pizza, noodles, chocolate.
Bands: The Offspring, the Ataris, No Use for a Name, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Millencolin, Green Day, Bad Religion, MxPx, Chronic Psychosis, Fenix TX, Hoobastank, Loose End, New Found Glory, the OC Supertones, Pulley, Switchfoot, the Beautiful Mistake, the Juliana Theory, the Vandals, 311. KISS, Metallica and a few others come close but don't quite reach the favourites list (especially if I haven't heard that much by them).
Singers (not exactly favourites because a lot of these people are people I saw at the theatre once, so I'll just say singers whose voices I like): Michael Crawford, Ted Keegan, many lovely people I saw at the theatre whose names I did not catch, and . . . her name escapes me . . . she played Kathy when I saw "Singin' in the Rain" and she was very good.
Word: NOODLE!!!

LEAST FAVOURITES Foods: Tough decision. Bad pizza and brussels sprouts. (Call me old-fashioned, but they taste too mushy.)
Bands: Any hip hop group, hardcore bands on MTV, and... I'll add more later.
Singers: Britney Spears, most other pop singers. Most solo singers on MTV.
Word: Umm . . . pregnant and all words deriving from that.

Hobbies: Playing guitar, bass and drums; playing flute; marching while playing flute; recording; reading; writing.

Many others, but nothing I can think of right now. Sorry!

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