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Jessie L. Star - AKA star123 PM
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Hi, I'm Jessie L. Star (previously known as star123). My readers are some of the sweetest, most awesome people out there and, if you chose to join their ranks, I think it would reflect most highly upon you!

So Much to Learn, His Saving Grace, Private Lives, Public Property, Lighthouse Charlie, Saving from Monkeys and The Do-Gooder are now ship-shape, shiny and available for e-book purchase! They're up on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, i-Tunes and other such places.

If you search for Jessie L. Star at any of those places you’ll find me and my little cluster of stories peeking nervously out into the big wide world. If you would like to purchase copies of any of my stories you would, naturally, secure my boundless adoration!

I'm sure this isn't the last you'll see of me on FP, but I'd like to take the opportunity now to say that I've loved my years in this community, you've all been such splendid people to get to know and I've enjoyed every last little bit of feedback you guys have provided. I would absolutely love to keep in touch with you so please join me on my facebook page, facebook.com/jessielstar, and say hi!

I wish you all the very best in your writing, reading and life in general!

Cheers, Jessie L. Star (star123!)

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