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Chibi-chan desu PM
Joined Aug '00
You are now entering the mind of...Chibi-chan! O genki desu ka?

I am...

*14 years old
*An Aries, yes, I'm very temperamental
*A writer and an artist
*A supporter of yaoi/shounen-ai, yuri/shoujo-ai, and slash (yes, there is a difference)
*Empathetic, pessimistic, serious, stubborn, playful, friendly, and over-caring. I seem to trust too much...! Hm.

I like...

Sushi (hamachi!) and pocky (chocolate and strawberry, ya!)
*My friends
*My enemies
*The colors black, silver, and red
*Writing, drawing, plotting, helping
*Yaoi/shounen-ai and m/m slash. Not much into yuri/shoujo-ai and fem slash, but I still support it, though I do favor _some_ f/f couples
*/Some/ and only /some/ incest/het couplings
*Rei-centric crossovers/fics

I dislike...

*Superficial reasoning
*Narrow-minded people
*And much more (Ha ha...)

My priorities are to...

Be a good writer, friend, and person
*Listen to my friends and peers around me

Advice I give to you...

Check out some stories and authors in my favorites section -- you won't be disappointed.

You are now leaving the mind of...Chibi-chan! Suteki da yo ne?

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