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Ok, new profile! ^_^ Be warned, its LONG!
Well, I'm 14 years old (I dun't wanna go to highschool next year!), I'm a girl, and I live on Long Island, NY! Well anyway, I'm not the tallest or shortest person alive, I have shoulder length brown hair w/ natural copper highlights (:laughs at all the preps in her school who had to bleach their hair to get highlights:), and boring brown eyes. I'm rather ugly, but I'll leave that for you to decide. So anyway, I may be young, but don't under-estimate me! Don't over-estimate me either.
I love writing, and I must say I am surprized at how far I got in , because I believe that my fics aren't even close to being decent. But hey, its fun, so I go on. Besides, needs all the G/V fics it can get! WE'RE GONNA TAKE OVER SOMEDAY, FELLOW DBZ WRITERS! GOHAN VIDEL AHAHAHAHHAA O.o; I also draw ALOT, and though I am above average, I'm still not as good as any of my friends ;_; S'not fair...OH! And I LOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEE Jpop (japanese pop) and anime moosik! I've got over 3 gigs of jpop/anime mp3s and music videos! ^_^ I'm defidently starting up a jpop service on the web.
My favorite anime are Dragonball Z and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I absolutely LOVE every bit of NGE, thats why own the whole thing on DVD, and watch it at least 3 times a week. I would write some NGE fics, but I'm caught up in DBZ at the moment. The fanfiction section of my mind is dominated by Gohan and Videl. I love both characters very much, as individuals AND as a couple. I severely dislike alternate couples featuring them, such as Gohan/Bra or Videl/Vegeta. I get this stupid surge of anger whenever I see a fic where they screw up the Gohan/Videl relationship, and so I do my best NOT to flame people. Its pretty hard for me, because everywhere I turn, theres a Gohan/Piccolo fic; or a fic where some author kills Videl because they claim that Gohan is THEIRS; or a Trunks/Pan fic where they turn Gohan into an EDF (evil demon father) who is bent on killing Trunks and punishing Pan; or maybe some half-witted Gohan/Bra fic where out of nowhere, Gohan and Videl divorce, or a gay sickening Videl/Trunks fic; and yes, there has even been a number of fics where Gohan, Videl, Bulma, and Vegeta switch mates, all fics of which were totally disturbing in such a way that most if not all characters were completely OOC. Aie, its a pretty sad world from the perspective of a 100% obsessed Gohan/Videl fan such as I. Wow, I wrote a lot. And I most likely have created a few enemies out of the alternate fans. :depressed sigh: Yea, just what I need...
More (stupid) things to know:
1.) I do NOT like to get people mad. Sorry if I offend anyone. The person who flames on my behalf is Tape-san. He's right, I am a wimp. I don't want to be hated ;_;
2.) Many people complain that I never work on TGLW (thats The Gohan Love Wars). Please people, I have NO intention of stopping that fic. Its just a major writers block. "Dieing To Love You" is a fic that WILL come to an end, and that is why I write it more often than other fics. After I finish it, I can have more time for TGLW ^_^. Also, "Vinegar and Crackers Don't Mix" is a fic that I write when I am TOTALLY out of it, like, bouncing off the walls. Its a whim fic, thats why its not updated regularly.
3.) If you would like to post any of my fics on your website, please send me an e-mail along with the link to your site. If you have already asked and I never sent you the fics, gomen nasai, please remind me again. Of the last few weeks, my internet life has been a bit hectic, mostly because of my obsession with buying Gohan/Videl related doujinshis (I've got 18! YAAAYY), NGE posters/keychains/art books, and stuff.
4.) If you wanna chat, or have any questions, by all means, email or IM me! I love talking to people ^_^ Although lately I HAVE been a little slow when talking to people, don't ask lol. And I LOVE getting reviews. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!!! It always leaves me flattered. Unless its a flame, or something stupid, such as "bad i hate videl" or "elephants have big noses haha". To those who have done so and will do so in the future, send out a huge F^&K YOU. ^_^
5.) I love every single Gohan/Videl fan on !
6.) All those fics you see under my favorites were randomly chosen. I actually have ALOT more favorite fics than whats up there, but limits it to 15 fav fics! Not fair ;_;. And the only reason why fateChica's "Love's Trials" and Van Lover's "What You Wouldn't Expect" aren't up there is cuz every GV fan has already read them cuz they're masterpieces! If you haven't read either of them, then you should go (to hell) look for 'em and devote some time into reading! They're both very very long @_@ Oh! And don't ignore the other fics either! You have no clue how many good fics are overlooked...
Well...thats quite a bit of jibberish! I think I'll end it at that. If you want me to talk more, or need to ask a question, etc., ~PLEASE~ IM or email me! Thanks, ja ne.
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