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Well my real name is Vanessa (urgh, i hate it!!) and i live in MINNESOTA, which, if you don't know, if basically next to NOWHERE!!

I love books and will read almost anything, though my personal favorites include; Tamora Peirce, Gail Carson Levine, Tolkin, J. K. Rowling, Robin McKinley, Robert Jordon, George R. R. Martin, Sherri S. Tepper, the list goes on and on...

I spend my time watching Moulin Rouge over and over again and obsessing over Orlando Bloom (What a hottie!!!) Lately I've been watching Lotr all the time, putting it on slow whenever Legolas comes on *sighs* Some people are just too beautiful...And when i'm not doing THAT i am usually on . (If you couldn't tell by now i have no life)

I love music too, and am a R&R junkie. My parents think it's crazy that i can listen to both the beatles and metallica, but i love all sorts of R&R!

Right now i am working on my first fic EVER! I've been reading fanfiction FOREVER and i finally got up the courage to post something. Yay me!

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed Violet Fire (my story) I love you all very much!! And a big warm happy Nessa style thank you to Temptress *evil cackle* cause you are just way too shway ^_^

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