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I better stop being this lazy. Actually, this time, I'm just plain busy.This is embarassing... nonetheless, I now actually have a home page now. Laboring on that in school is what's keeping my works in check. -_- Everything on there is either an inside-joke or school work.

WARNING, do not fill out any forms or no-nothing because most of that's fake. -_-; Again, this is embarassing!

Plans (And Really Generalized Summaries)

Mill of Stelton (Story): A rich young girl living in a world reminescent of the Industrial 19th century experiences the realities of modernization in a magical world. Genre: Fantasy Steampunk

A Bob Story Chapter 2: Another Bob (Chapter Addition): This Bob Story, sadly, has the Devil in it. That is not to say it will be a bad story. I think that it will be much more bearable than the first Bob story. And much more original. Besides, it reveals Sock's horrible secret! What story could be better? Genre: Just Plain Humor and Bobinity


As you may have noticed: I'm a steampunk, and I love machines. Really, just anything at all concerning machinery and A.I. in general. Yes, I'm also a sci-fi nut, too, but steam machines are cooler! Then again, machine angst is one of my more favorite sci-fi genres.
Well, it's obvious that I love machines... I'm an odd one, people say (actually, no, I'm called a mech-lover), regardless, I simply am what I am. *shrug*

Likes: Cheese puffs, ramen, crystals, anime/manga, swords, RPGs, drawing, chocolate, HISTORY(the 19th century especially), phoenixes, Japan, spaceships, AND MECHS. (Only my friends understand this one... ok, maybe not just my friends...)

Dislikes: Spam, insensitive people, nonsensical people, homework, fungi, slugs, people who talk obnoxiously slow, and rap.

Has No Opinion About: Mom's Water Faucet, Fleebnorks, and the (now retired) singing toilet in my basement. (No, really. It used to sing! Or at least whistle...)

My Appearance: I have long black hair, parted in the middle, and deep brown eyes that can also shoot laser beams... I'm kidding. I'm Asian, and proud of it! You'll most likely find me in jeans and a t-shirt. This just proves what a relaxed (and lazy) person I am. Also, while I'm at it, I'm female and sixteen years old. I'm good at everything but math. I mean it.

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