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Sosi Isara PM
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Sosi : YAAAAARGH! I GOT A LAPTOP! ^_^ Expect more ficcies with higher authoress abilities from meeee! Yeeheehee!! *manic laughter* Duo : Oo;; Oh dear lord. Wufei : I thought we were free. :/

Upcoming Fic Types:
Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy Series, Cowboy Bebop, Saint Tail, Magic Knight Rayearth, crossovers, PPG(maybe), and original fiction. Duo : Gundam Wing isn't on it! Yay! Sosi : HAH! That's cuz I've already written GW fics, and these are upcoming NEW types. Duo : ...*cries* Sosi : ...oo;;; Anyway, please review. Give me comments, praise, ideas, or even -.- flames. And check out my fav. authors.

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