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I started writing in Grade 6 because we used to have to write stories using all our spelling words for that week. It was pretty fun trying to fit all those words into what I thought at the time were bloody materpieces. Somehow I managed to fit The Predator into all of them. Anyway I wrote a lot for a long time after that but since I joined the Army in 2004 I've felt totally blocked. I haven't been able to finish anything. I must have started 20 stories and just kinda let them die. That seems to be going away though and I've started making a real effort to think of shit, and write it down in some sort of complete form.

I intend to finish "Casting Shadows." Hopefully after that I'll be able to start on something new, although I have a working draft of a third story in that series as well as a VERY rough outline of a fourth. So who knows.

My girl Aislynne has encouraged me to keep at it so I wouldn't wanna let her down ;)

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