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Welcome travellers to the far galexy i call LejlaLand. My name is Lejla and i will be your host for the time being. But only if you come in peace(s).

: *cheasy grin*

My favourte authors are listed bellow, and my OWN fics as well. All YOU have to do is LOVE me, and REVIEW all my fics. and add me to YOUR favourites lists.

; *flattering look*

I write Harry Potter fic (MWPP) Sirius, Remus and James *drool* . Buffy and Angel fics (sometimes, although i am mostly over that, blame Joss.) and Tamora Pierce.

:) *batts eyelashes*

I love you all, READ and REVIEW.

Ps. My email is placed above for all those of you who want to write and praise me.

:) *blows kisses*

All flames are LOVED. I will cherish them until my dying day, although yours might come way sooner than expected if you do FLAME me.

: *smiles so innocently, u know she's guilty*

If you get any sudden urges to send me money, you can contact me at the above address as well.

: *nodds approvingly*

Lots of love,
DA Wolf

; *smiles sweetly, batts eyelashes, blows kisses*

P.P.S The Picture is drawn by the all-wonderful Zeptron Zulu.. It's origin comes from a chapter that i wrote for ZZ sequal (Changing Times) to my story (The Right Girl, the Wrong Time). Get it? :

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