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We don't know much about this strange, frightening being lurking in the shadows of all that we fear. She has been reported as the girlfriend of outcast and prison escapee, Sirius Black, but nothing has been proven. Last spotted around Scotland, many assume her to be the one and true God of all humankind. This, also, has not been proven. Some facts that we do know are that she is rather partial to the number 9 and enjoys playing badmittion with her trusty frog, Bye. Plotting to take over the world with her troops of millions upon millions of ants along with Luke Groundwalker and the ever ellusive Liz, she hopes to soon win the hearts of millions in her self directed play "The Mailbox". One key quote researched by trillion of scientists to find the identity of The Pie spoken by her is, "Moo." Maybe, someday, we will find some answers.
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