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In my happy home i read the signs
In my lovers arms I move in time
There's no more crying and there's no more lies
I never once in my sweet short life was waiting for desire

And there's no more crying
And there's no more pain
I never thought for one second I'd have nothing left but shame

In my happy home I barely breathe
I never once in my wayward life was heading to run out

I write metaphoric poems. I love comparing emotions and events to simple things. I'm working on two stories and have a ton of ideas for a new story to write. But I'm just going to write a couple shorts for fun. ENJOY! And I'm always happy to meet new people so IM me.

Painful Kisses is complete.

Pain for Pleasure is complete...

A pseudo prequel of Serj's life is being worked on.

Mary Pretends I'm only starting.

A new story is being worked on by Amaya Dwyn and I...other authors from around here are also adding their two cents to revising...I will give everyone who has helped credit in the end. I was inspired by the song Transylvania Concubine by Rasputina...so anyone who's read my stories can only imagine what I have in mind...

Enjoy Ladies and Gentleman

And welcome to my reality.

The true reality

Where everything is nonsense

And everything is right


These people are friends of mine and I demand that you read and review their magnifico work so they are encouraged to write more, because, well they don't know this but they're all a bit special...Anyways here's the list!

Melissa Lea Night

Torchered Sakura


Amaya Dwyn


Spade McCole

Tanzonite Black


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