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ABOUT ME:I'm really just a big kid with a huge imagination and to much time on my hands.

Okay, for those of you who read Tredias, I've decided that though I really enjoyed the characters I wanted to take a different spin on the plot. Its done and called The Dread Knight. Working on getting it published now.

The Book of Ancients is going to receive a similar treatment, as is The Silver Knight. In fact, all three of these stories will belong to the same series of books, along with another two that I have planned.

As for the short stories "Gil", "Demons", and "Warrior", they all take place in the same world. Eventually, there will be a whole book bringing these three (five if you include Stacy and the new Warrior) characters into one over-arching plot. More details when I get around to it. And if anyone can guess who Gil really is just from this story, I'll write another story involving him. Send answers to me via PM so no one can cheat and get it from the review.

Zeus help me, I've got a lot of work to do.

Update: Tredias is done. I've begun work on the revamped The Silver Knight. Expect it to be about as different from the original as the new Tredias was.

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