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So, about me: Guess what, I love reading and writing! Yeah, I know you're shocked.

This site is bad for me, I think, because I post crappy writing and get rewarded with positive feedback. Some of my old writing makes me cringe, but the reviews are just so kind. I'm trying, however, to delete all the old, bad writing here and put up some new work, which I hope is better.

Thanks very much to everyone who reads and reviews. Those "Review Alert!" emails really do cheer up my day. Before I get too used to all this positive feedback though, I wouldn't mind some criticism, as long as it's constructive.

But this site also good for me. When I am made to select a genre, I realize just how much angsty poetry I write. Not a good thing.

About me as a reviewer: I try to give positive feedback, though I will comment on misspellings if I find them. (I try to be tactful.) When I read back on my own poetry and find pathetic, unsubstantial attempts to be deep, it's frustrating. Likewise, I won't pour exuberant praise on poetry I personally don't like. There are two ways to write: one is to be inspired, and the other is to make yourself write, while only pretending to be inspired. I appreciate poetry of the first type.
Yes, I took my more recent poetry down. Maybe I'll put some fiction up sometime if I write something worth sharing.
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