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Blessed be!

Since you deigned to visit this little haven of mine-- to me, and me only, I suspect-- here's a few choice soupcons for ya.

13, going on 14 in may. I luurrvvve fantasy-- devour mercedes lackey, but other faves include mzb's avalon series and l.j. smith. Just tried Jean Thesman, she isn't bad even if her characters are slightly weak. I like Isobel Bird's Circle of Three but I do NOT like Sweep-- or Sabrina or Buffy for that matter. Yep, you should have guessed it by now-- hyperactive, un-initiated, and undedicated wiccan. Undedicated-- in both senses, as in no dedication rite and no sense of responsibility. :P

smile* Try Raining-- her poem about Puck is great. Poet Storm isn't too bad either, and Follower_of_Hecate holds untold potential.

I also hold an account in www.freeopendiary.com-- with a grand total of one entry. But hey, I'm working on it!

Walk always in light and love,
"Like a star in the midnight sky
That fades into the morning;
Came back to show you I could fly
But you had gone without a warning..."

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