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The dark phoenix has risen from the ashes of obscurity to thank a world that has shunned him by fate. Why have I risen, you ask? My sword yearns for the souls of my foes. So, with my soul unsheathed and darkness as my cloak, I scour this place for those worthy to gaze into the shadows. But damn the shadows of your world, I need them not. For I am The Dark Swordsman. I am a shadow. . .

Here's some quick facts about me:

Age: 27
College: Kennesaw State University
Year: College Graduate
Aspirations: to become a famous writer, to act in the movies based on my books, to open up my own publishing company, and to become a famous musician. Yeah, I know, such big aspirations. But, anything is possible . . .

If you have any questions or anything, do hesitate to PM me.

Thanks for reading!

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