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Hi! I am Crystal-chan and I live in the USA. I like chicken fanfiction and you. I am a fan fic freak and I spend most of my time reading all of your fan fics on the internet. I like Card Captors the most, but I also like Rayearth, Sailor Moon, Digimon (third series),Tenchi Muio(I can't spell it),Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Final Fantasy VIII(Renoa rules!), Final Fantasy X(Yay ^.^ Blitz ball!), and Dragon Ball Z, and pretty much all the Japanese games and things I've ever seen.

My friends are:
Moon Lady *.*(my sister)
hikari /(^.^)
mysterious-clown @(^.^)@
Jesus freak
Evil Emzo and Princess Apathy

I am 11 years old. I live on earth. I AM a girl. And I am always hyper when I'm writing. Oooh, more chocolate? AHHH there's no more! *faints*

Crystal Chan's Freaky Sister: Oh goody I get the computer!

Me: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *takes the computer*

About ME!!:
favorite quote: "In order to bring true peace, one must destroy all."
favorite saying: "Why"
favorite colors: (notice the 's' in colors) Neon green, violet, & black
favorite food: salad with bacon and a BLT!(more of a meal)
favorite thing: THE COMPUTER!!!!!! (what else?)
( I'll write more when I think of them)

I have some chacters that I like to use in my reviews! My 6 people are...
Andy: Annoying and SOMETIMES wierd
Ari: LOVES Andy!!!Is very smart and... O.o what? LIKE'S KAT!
Reona: VERY athletic, LOVES Andy, has "Andy compettitions" with Ari
Kat: Too wierd for words. Usually hyper.
Amy: A normal person, who just happens to be obsessed with Greek myths
Leah: Likes to make chaos. Very devious, loves Syaoran.

DISCLAIMER( AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I *HATE* THAT WORD! IT MEANS I CAN'T HAVE SOMETHING!): I am tierd of writing it on my stories so I'm writing this in my bio, I DO NOT OWN ANY ANIME, OR PRODUCT, BUT STAR GARDIANS! (which I made up)

I seriously recomend you go read Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Once upon a time.Thanks to all of you for writing sooo many good stories!

From now on, I'm going to write down a silly quote of the week! Unless I don't get any! today's is:

" Yes! Tarzan is after YOUR bannanas!!!"~A KH fic

(PLEASE send a funny quote in your reviews. Arigetto!)

Ja ne

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