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I'm Ali, just your average 22-year-old, proudly South African, vegan, feminist, ever-so-slightly geeky linguistics nerd trying to make sense of life in the face of the ever-present disappointment of never having received a Hogwarts letter.

I love writing, and from time to time I fight my natural laziness and actually do it. I write mostly oneshots, because I have a very short attention span, but I've been trying my hand at a few slightly longer pieces lately.

There are many things I'm not. One is a potato. Another is a poet. I occasionally write poems because I want to, but I don't pretend they're great works of art. If you like them, then that's awesome. I would like you to like them. And if you don't, fair enough.

My beta reader is the lovely Liriel-Eris, who is always trying to convince me to write more happy endings, and the art in my icon is by the very talented Kelly Vivanco.

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5 June 2011: A new story is up! It's called After the End, about an apocalypse that fails to happen (and only a few weeks too late to be topical :P). If you like it, please vote for it in the June WCC from the 8th of June!

22 May 2011: I'm taking part in the Summer into Spring 50k Writing Challenge (SIS 50k) to get myself writing again. At last!


April 2010: Only Fantasy won the 2009 Deon Hofmeyr Prize for creative writing.

November 2009: Cheating at Checkers was runner-up in the La Campanella October Contest.

October 2009: The Beauty in the Breakdown won the October Writing Challenge Contest and was nominated for a Le Tragedy Award at La Campanella Awards.

"House burned down. Car stolen. Cat exploded. Did 1500 easy words, so all in all it was a pretty good day." ~ Neil Gaiman

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