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Well, that's it. All the NC-17 stories have been removed from my account. It totally sucks.

Please visit my accounts and review things. I like to know that I haven't lost you all. Even if you're busy, please drop me a line and say that you'll still be around. I hate to think I've lost my readers.

Okay, that's my account link (that site is ANNOYING to post to!) You can also find me at:


Currently, the fics I have up altogther are

Something in the Rain - NC-17 TAITO
In the Diner - NC-17 JYMATO
Spin Me Round - NC-17 JYMATO AND TAITO
This Time - NC-17 - TAITO, YAMASUKE, TAIKREU with hints of JYMATO
On the Road - TAITO, JYMATO...the list goes on for this one!
Only One - NC-17 KENSUKE and KAIKEN (Chap 1)
Devil You Know - NC-17 Ken & all the Digidestined males (not at the same time!)
Touch of Evil - NC-17 KENATO
Sweet Dreams - NC-17 KENSUKE and YAMASUKE

Even if you've read them before, feel free to come and check them out and leave any feedback you might have thought of! *laughs*

The link to my livejournal is still here if any wants to see it - but it's not that interesting.


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