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For those wondering, I am writing more Harker Diary. Please be patient.*

Everytime I write a bio for myself I end up hating it with a passion. You can get to know me through my writing! So read it.

What I'm reading right now: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

In my cd player: Never Take Friendship Personal - Anberlin

On Windows Media right now: Travelin' Thru - Dolly Parton (from the Transamerica soundtrack)

Last movie I saw: Grandma's Boy

My favourite things: Ireland, Italy, Iceland, photography, reading
writing, The Sims 2, videogames, LOTR, HP, Anne Rice's VC, playing in
Photoshop cs2, mist, moss, Sarah Slean, My Chemical Romance, Rachmaninov,
Gosford Park, No Such Thing, Sean Bean, Gerard Butler, singing alone in the
house, computer jargon (not that I understand it but it's definitely
fun to listen to).

My least favourite
things: Avril Lavigne, Liberals, Pork, Sweet n Sour anything, Root Beer
floats, anxiety, depression, dogs, hypocrisy, ignorance, wasps, drunks.

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