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I'm from Chile in South America, and have only started writing very recently, so you can guess why reviews are so important to me :) I enjoy all kinds of fanfiction, and various fandoms, as well as poetry. Dark themes, and epic ones are my favorites, as well as stories that have to do with the thoughts and feelings of a character.

About my Stories:

Master in Deceiving:
Taking a break here, I need some time away from its plot as part of my vacation plan. For the readers, I'm afraid it may take a while due to personal problems.

Echoes in the Passageways:
*Loud groan* I've been doing some very extensive research and I will be forced to re-write parts of this story to fit with what Tolkien truly wrote in his books. There are many things I was not aware of, and I am a 100% Book-fan, so I'll stick with that. For the readers, you may have to go through the first chapters in the near future, unless I go lazy on you.

Bittersweet Symphony: Of Light and Dark:
My own little shock. I never thought I would write slash, much less A/L, as there was once a time when I didn't even read this pairing but, *Shrug* It came to me and I sort of liked it in its own strange...very-not-me kind of way. For the readers of this one...please review!

My favorite Characters on my Favorite fandom (LOTR) are: Legolas, Elrohir, Elladan.

Love to meet new people, so if you wish to do it, just e-mail me.

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