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Kat Hawkins
Joined Mar '02

I am loved!

My body fell through a black hole and my mind ended up here. I'm stuck until my body finds me. Which could be a while.

Ok, so my name's Mud. I've just got a bad case of writer's block. email me with any suggestions! They would be much appreciated.

I'm gonna do a bit of shameless plugging. If you like my works here, check out my stuff at fanfiction.net. Just look under Kat Hawkins.

Status -

Fire and Ice - one-shot poem I did in 7th grade. complete

Last Days - on permanent hiatus until I can get some ideas

Hope Never Dies - one-shot English II portfolio piece. complete

Niagara Falls - one-shot poem I did for my English I portfolio. complete

On a Moonless Night - one-shot haiku I did for my English I portfolio. complete

Four Score and Seven - one-shot thing me and my friend Ariana came up with while walking to the bus one day. complete

Three Months - short little thing I did for my Intro to Creative Writing class. More will come soon.

Coming Soon -

Fall (series) - The story of one Fallen Angel's quest for redemption and reentry into Heaven.

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