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Dolly doesn't live here anymore.

Thank you to all who have enjoyed or critiqued my work, but after a long time of deep thought I have acknowledged the fact I do not want my work up on FictionPress for public viewing. It's been much too long and I don't really know anyone on here as of the last few years, so I'm not interested in displaying it on such a public site.

If you really care to message me, you are most welcome to. But as of the past few years, I will no longer come on this site, nor will my pieces be available for viewing. The last thing I am interested in is having someone use it without my permission.


Neurotic Gothic Lolita shoujo Death Dolly



Someone has stolen my copyrighted work and has plagarized my writing pieces on at least 12 different user names in . and greatest .
Please ensure that your own work is not being stolen by her and take the appropriate action if it is.
This is in violation of the agreement and is breaking copyright laws.

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