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[This profile is copied exactly from the one I have at FanFiction.net, so I don't really write original fiction... just this exception.]

Name: Denise =)
Age: I'm not cool with giving out my age over the Internet, but I'm in high school. In fact, I'm a senior. [GO CLASS OF 2003!!! =)]

So... what about me? Obviously I love writing. I've been writing stories [fan fics] since the seventh grade, so I guess you could say I've had some experience. I began writing fics for soap operas but have since expanded to write for many things!

Because of school [grr] I don't have as much time to write/update... with my 3 AP classes, and Chamber Singers, the top choral group at my school. Since we are very renowned [and I'm not bragging, between studying and writing, I travel with my choir. We have sung at many different venues. Yeah, singing is very dear to my heart.

Not only do the above two activities keep me going, but I'm also very involved in my church. FYI--I'm Catholic, and proud of it =) and I'm active in my church's youth ministry. We do a lot of things too.

Well, since you're reading this, I'm assuming you've either read or intend to read my stories. *wink* Please be nice on reviews! Okay I'll shut up now, but some advertising before I do:

~~Someone to Love: Rachel's Story--Rachel, a girl who seems to resemble me very much, is faced with a dilemma when she is forced to choose between two guys that are both in love with her. Very very personal to my heart... only because things in real life didn't exactly turn out the way they did in the story. You'll see what I mean if you read it...

~~This is the Night: A songfic based on American Idol finalist Clay Aiken's performance (the song, though, not the actal performance) on May 20... it's prom night and Elizabeth is sure her dreams can come true this very night.

Works in Progress:
--Colors of My Heart: a story of two lovers, torn apart by war. Based on lyrics to an original song performed by one of my classmates...
Hope you check it out!

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