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Trudy Marazzi PM
Joined Mar '02
Hello pepellies!
I have gone back to being Trudy Marazzi, 'cause thats who I am!

I have just got back from sunny Menorca and my honeymoon with Paul! Hehehe, yes, I am now officially MRS MARAZZI! But, when I was not with my new gorge newly wed hubby I was off chasing Josh, yes I was being unfaithful and on my honeymoon too! *shame on me* but you didn't see how gorge he was! Oh and Vinnie and Harvey and and and…….. ok ok I’ll shut up now, Paul's the only one for me.

Anyway, keep writing your fic peeps; I love readin’ ‘em! And I love updates! Especially Katie's (Chocolate Hotpants), Chan’s (Mark's Angel), Taz’s (A1taz) Cake’s (oh come on, it's so obvious!), Chantelle’s (Chantelle, God how dumb are you lot!?!) and loadza ova peeps!!!!! So keep writing! Luv Trudy xxx
Ps. if you find insanity disturbing, don’t read it!! Most of its pure fiction but then again, some of it isn’t…

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