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Updates: 9/06/2008: Pen is Mightier (Chapter Eight) and AKNW (Chapter Three). Yes, apparently, I am abbreviating the titles to my stories. Disappointing.

My name is Dinah, and I am twenty-year-old student with a love of bad movies and ugly bags and a desire for world travel. I like writing, which is why I'm here, and I want to get better at it, which is why I've come back.

News:I'm a jerk. I apologize. But I have two new chapters up, and hopefully more to come in the very near future. I love both of these stories, so I'm not dropping them. Tess is so easy to write, because it wasn't a hard story line to come up with, that it helped me with Pen's story. So that's good. And you guys really should read Tess's story, if not for narcissism's sake than for the fact that I really like it, for all it's cliches.

Sorry again for the abandonment, and I hope you enjoy the stories!


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