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Hello it's me NekoNinja, how ya doin'. I'm a poor crazy author with a pesky Divine Mallet of Inspiration. These stories are really starting to sneak up on me now *sigh*. Well in case you're interested here's some more info on me.

Location-the USA, Georgia.
Zodiac Sign-Scorpio
Muses-I have two muses, one is the above Divine Mallet of Inspiration, which really isn't all mine but visits me too often. And the second is a tiny chibi of my 11th grade Lit teacher Mrs. Luckey.

Well that's some stuff, I'm a gal by the way. Reviews make me happy like no other! If anything they speed my fingers on the keyboard. I want to write my own book someday, and writing fanfiction is a great way to flex my prose-writing muscles. All these stories will be finished at some point in time. I solemnly swear that I won't leave you all hanging. Well Ciao for now, and enjoy yourself ^^

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