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Archaic Torso of Apollo
R. M. Rilke

We never knew his fantastic head
With eyes like ripening fruit. And yet his torso
Is still suffused with brilliance from the inside,
Like a lamp, in which his gaze, now turned low,

Gleams in all its power. Otherwise
The curved beast could not dazzle you so, nor could
A smile run through the placid hips and thighs
to that dark center where procreation flared.

Otherwise this stone would seem defaced
Beneath the translucent cascade of the shoulders
And would not glisten like a wild beast's fur;

Would not, from all the borders of itself
Burst like a star. For here there is no place
That does not see you. You must change your life.

Important Notices

RETRACTION: So I flat out said in a review response later on in this chapter that Brooke and James don’t like each other and that James has no feelings whatsoever for Brooke. So that’s untrue. At the time…well it doesn’t matter. The point is that I reread some scenes and realized why so many people think James is sprung. He’s not sprung. He likes her on some very hidden level. He hasn’t realized it yet. Brooke doesn’t see him that way at all. So don’t have heart attacks. I’m sorry, I was wrong. (1-21-06)

So my computer's been fixed for a while, and I only have like...two more scenes to write for the chapter and the review responses. But I have a midterm this tuesday and another one next week. I'm going to try to finish the chapter sometime this week, but if I don't, blame it on school. (10-23-05)

So I know everyone is all pissed at me for not updating, and rightfully so. I'm about five pages into it, but...my computer is entirely not functional at the moment. I suppose in the meantime I could try to write it on my parent's computer, but without the ability to reread what I've already written...it would be difficult. Apparently I need a new motherboardor something...wtf...but yeah, the fix is in the work. I appreciate your patience.


Alright, summer's here, which means I should be churning out chapters like it's my job, right? Right, and I know this, and I'm working on it. It should be easier now too since I just have the one story... lol. See what happened was that I had written like...3 pages of the chapter for AL and then I realizedthat the jump in time from the previous chapter to the one I was writing, soI had to come up with something to happen in between, so I did, and now I'm like... on page five... I'm working on it guys, I swear. I'm even trying to make it long for you.

Um...I haven't died. I'm just uninspired and suprememly busy. I have midterms next week and I'm behind in my reading for said midterms and my stupid math TA just sprang a quiz on us. Sorry. I've written like half a page of AAY II. It's ridiculous and I know that, but...I have breaks coming up so I should be able to get stuff done then. (11-10-04)

Ok so the next chapter of AAY II will be up shortly...I just gotta get it back from my beta and do review responses. In the meantime...read my other story...principally because it's better and secondly cuz I like it waaaaay more than the other one. Oh yeah, and AAy II isn't gonna be much longer...just a heads up.

Well I updated AAY II the other day...thanks to all who have already read and reviewed. Um...as for At Last...I'm kinda stuck at the moment. I don't feel like writing about basketball at the moment...I've already written like a page or two of the chapter though...and I know pretty much what I want to happen. I've written two pages of the next chapter for AAY II as well, though if it ges the way I think it's gonna go right now...it won't be much longer. So basically...I'm frustrated with it because the plot sucks and is nonexistent.(2/29/04)

Ok, well I was like done with the next chapter for AAY and I was doing review responses and then this person gave me an even better idea, so I'm kinda rewriting the chapter. I'm sorry, I know it's been forever, but try to stay with me guys. I um...oh I've written about a page or two of the next chapter of At Last. So hopefully stuff should be up soon. I've been crazy busy with guard and college apps. Our first competition is the 31st and we're nowhere near ready. (1/19/04)

I'm really sorry that I haven't updated. I'm a bad bad person. You wouldn't believe the block I've had lately. Like I'm clueless. And my ethernet died on my computer because I have too much crap on it so it's getting fixed, but it has my stories on it so I can't work on them. In the mean time...go to the bottom of this and check out books I liked to keep you entertained in the meantime.

I did it guys! I updated both stories on the same day before I leave for band camp! I'll be back friday. Enjoy!

You guys are gonna hate me. But I'm leaving for CA tomorrow... again. I decided that I like it there, so I'm gonna be gone for another... uh... 11 days. WHich means,most likely no updates at least until I get back on the 7/8/03. Uh...I won't have computer access this time, but if get bored enough I'll write on paper if I remember a notebook. It might happen. But at this point I have a tiny bit over two pages for AL andabout 1 page for AAY II(6/25/03)

Sorry that I haven't updated guys. I know that I'm running late. But I've written a bit of the next chapter for AAY II, but I haven't even started on the next chapter of At Last...I'm really sorry. I went to CA for a week to look at schools and what not.


Name: Melody

Nickname: I got lots, but me buds call me Mel

Age: 18...I'm am so getting old

Grade: Sophomore in college! Sophomore slumpin it...I'm such a bad human being.

Location: Arlington, VA...it's close to D.C. But currently Illadelph

Work written: Two full novels...one continuation...one short story...

Work in the works: One full novel...one short story...

Work in conception: One full novel...

My Works: (note: If you do the math you'll see that I've only got 4 things posted on fictionpress but I claim to have 6 things completed/in the works. One completed novel is the first novel I ever wrote...Like... back in freshman year of high school. It's pretty terrible and thus never allowed to see the light of day, and the short story in the works was a b-day present for a bud that I never really finished.,not really worth posting because there isn't very much of it)

At Last: The most recent and uncomplete as of yet, not to mention my favorite so I'd suggest you read this one. Basically, Brooke Merrin is dragged away from her really fun ethnic public high school at the whim of her parents so her obnoxious older sister can "spend time" with her. She gets pushed into joining her her sister at the stuff, posh, and pretentious halls of Wellesley Academy. Oh yeah...she joins the boy's basketball team and there's some rich, pompous guys...cold hearted basketball captain, and mysterious ex boyfriends thrown in the mix, not to mention lots of hidden history.

All About You Part II: Completed. This would be my completed acccidental continuation of AAY. All your favorite loveable characters are back, Ashton, Sophie, Ryan...Devon the whole shebang. Lol...more drama and mix ups and maybe even a wedding...or maybe the attempt of a wedding. Oh yeah this takes place three years after AAY...so Sophie's in college.

All About You: Completed. The longest of my stories as of yet and the most popular. Uh...teenage romance with a few twists and lots of loveable male characters. innocent little Sophie agres to help this really...clueless, remotely stuck up popular god...Devon win his girlfriend back...Yeah...the only problem is...what he's supposed to do when he gets her..

The Rock: Completed. A short story I wrote for English in 10th grade. I think it's pretty not terrible. So read it! Lol, and it's nothing like my otherthree fics. It's angsty... I'd try to explain it, but I can't. But I really like this story...the style is interesting.

Happy Reading


Oh and feel free to e-mail me or im me or whatever...courtesy of stupid homework I have like no life whatsoever anymore. And I love to talk.

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