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Wow, it's been a long time since I was last on here.

This account was made when I was maybe 14 or 15... now I'm 17, a senior in high school and going to college in the next year. About nine months really.

I don't know what made me come back to fictionpress again. The memory just suddenly came to me and I was able to remember by password and everything. Lucky me.

I looked at my older stuff and OMG!! I was so TERRIBLE! Not only that, but I made all those poems when I was going through my 'emo' phase. God, was I a sad puppy.

I got rid of most of my poems just because they were so terrible and embarrassing. You can see that I did keep a few things that I wrote back in '05. That's not the such horrible stuff, but it's still pretty bad.

I plan on updating my stories now and posting my newer stuff, that I will say, is SO much better than that old crap.

Wow... it's been a long time.

Welcome back.

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