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Hey everybody. My name's Christine and writing is my thing. Haha yep. If you happen to read any of my work, I really really would appreciate it if you left a comment or two, usually (if they're signed-in comments) I always check out the person that commented and review back. What goes around comes around, after all. Ugh. Cliche, but it's the truth, eh? Anyhoo. I live in Washington and ermmm, yeah. I like to have fun. :) AOL/AIM: XzDollfacexz Hotmail: XzDollfacexz Contact me if you want, I'm bored and online a lot. So I'll most likely be there on the recieving end, hehehe. Ciao.

HOLY CRAP that stuff written above was written by me YEARS ago. Lol. I sound like such an idiot. I'm keeping the above for sentimental purposes, but please disregard that and disregard my older writings. I was so strange back in the day... and I'm sure I've only gotten stranger. :P

Christine // Jan. 2010

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