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Hi there I'm Scarletrose 'aka' Scarlet. I love to write and read any and all S/B. Or pretty much BtVS, Angel or Vampire fics in general.
For all those who have emailed me, yes I have a website - 2 actually.* I should update this more often.*
One for Fics and the other is for FanArt. My fiction site is http:///scarlet_midnytes_spike you can also find fics from Midnights Shadow and Kittycass on there as well.
If anyone is looking for a place to house fics (including NC-17) Spuffers, BtVS fics or BtVS crossovers please email me. I'm always looking for new Authors.
And as a side note -to all who are waiting patiently for the next chapter in Hope, Dreams and Miracles I promise it IS coming! Sorry it's taking so long.
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