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L. A. Solvang PM
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About Writing
I joined FictionPress to write stories, more so to finish them. This is the place where I can get feedback from people who knew nothing of me other then what they have seen me write. Even if I doubt I'll ever publish a novel – I sure know I will enjoy completing one. Not to forget improove my writing.

10 November 2008 -- I'm updating despite the fact this page has next to no hits. XD! Well, maybe the update is a reminder to myself, then. As it is I'm trying to pick up my original stories after getting lost in fanfiction (and then fanfiction related role playing) for a year. Naturally I'm growing a little tired of doing that alone, you can only spin on somebody's else's ideas for so long before you hit a "no more" point. So I'm trying to pick up other things too so the focus will be more even and I won't reach that "ackt!" border where I will drop everything. =P There's been some other reasons to why I've not been able to write, my schedule is very busy lately and when it's not I have problems focusing on getting anything done. Though that's about practice, right? I guess I can if I want to, I just need to kick myself in the arse and get going. I'll try to get a short story done I've wanted to write for a year or two now, at least that'll be a decent start if nothing else.

Read & Review
I love getting reviews! Knowing someone reads what I'm writing make continuing the stories easier. I'd also find constructive criticism very helpful, even if I don't always follow them, they do tell me what you think of the story. Feel free to contact me at the e-mail above, and if you're only e-mailing to nag on a new chapter, then that works, too.

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