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lighted eagle
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while i could blab on endlessly about myself...i'm not going to.

well...on second thoughts:

i'm Australian
my name is sheila (no really it is...)
i'm 14
and as my name would suggest, a female

i'm into Star Wars.
Friends is the funniest show on TV
Star Trek's pretty good
umm...i like star wars
yeah, star wars's pretty cool

i love rock climbing
but sadly, opportunities for me doing this are limited... there's no rock climbing gym in my small regional town that has an international airport...god knows why...

i also like karate, yeah i'm hoping to go to the state titles next year (that's assuming all my pleas fall on deaf ears and i'm still stuck in my small rock climbing gym-less regional town that has an international airport)

i'm sorry, but i find it amusing that the capital of Australia doesn't have an international airport...
yet we do...hehehe actually, it is pretty funny...

on another note:


hmmhmm...sure does.

Blink 182 is a kick-ass band
Good Charlotte rock
Linkin Park are very cool
U2 are also very cool
as is, Elton John and John Farnam (that's not how you spell Johnnie's last name, but i'll be buggered if i could spell it off the top of my head...)
GREEN DAY totally kick...

if you're looking for some good reads check out my favourite lists, you're sure to find something there...

but if you can't be bothered to click on one of those little links that start with favourite, here's some authors you might want to check out:

Smoky Bear, Broken Wings1, Jade6, TK Styles, Rose Dark Thorn, Impressionist, Songbreeze Swifteye, The Crazy Cricket, Backwards Into A Wall Of Fire.

and the list of amazing authors goes on...but i'm too damn lazy...

now i'll leave you with some of my favourite quotes.

What must be, cannot be changed.

We are a product of our existence.

No negative emotions can be produced by external causes if we do not want it. We have negative emotions because we permit them, justify them, explain them by external causes, and in this way we do not struggle with them.

Whatever may happen to you it was prepared for you from all eternity.

No human matter is of serious importance.

No one escapes destiny.

We are not to lead a life that is not tested.

For in much wisdom is much grief:
and he that increaseth knowledge
increaseth sorrow.

I have observed that all intelligent people
recognize, some in a refined way
and some in an unrefined way,

that the moment is everything.

and finally some advice: live life.

*cough* and just for reference: all flames will be cheerfully used to warm my feet then promptly extinguished with cow manure...

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