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Hi all,

I am a 32 year old from Melbourne, Australia. I'm also working as an English Teacher.

I love to write.. so much so that I wish it could be my day job!

When it comes to romance, I have had a history of choosing really badly! So I like to try and give my characters happy endings if I can.

I have begun to find photos of my characters for Twenty Five Over.

They are just how I picture some of the characters in my mind, however I encourage you to form your own image of them.

Dominic Wilkins ... Faith Fordham ... Tridi McCormack ... Tierli Grierson

Finn Gerber ... Sapphire Wilkins ... Chase Grierson ... Bea Gamble


I have put up some photos of what I think the characters from Second Chances look like, but as always, I encourage you folks to use your imaginations and come up with your own mental images..

http:///albums/r120/eve_lindsey/Ally.jpg - Current Ally

http:///albums/r120/eve_lindsey/YoungAlly.jpg - Ally (5 years ago)

http:///albums/r120/eve_lindsey/johnny.jpg - Johnny

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