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Hiya Peoples! Trust me, I'm older then i sound. Wonderin bout my weird pen name??? Well, i'll tell ya. It's easy for me to remember, cause Chinook was my nickname when i was lil. Plus, i have yet to see another person use it, so i'll never have to worry bout thinkin up a screen name.

Wanna know a bit about me??? Well, i'm a 15(Woohoo!!!) year old girl, and my fav anime is Sailor Moon. I'm gonna have my website up n runnin soon. Same with my fanfics. I've got like 15 stories writen in my head, now all i gotta do is write them down.

Oh, i'm lookin for a fanfic. I think it's called "Runaway", but i'm not sure. I tried searchin for it, but i couldn't find it. Basicly what happens is the world finds out that Serena is Sailor Moon, so she runs away to another country (Yuma or something). I started to read it, then stopped, n i really wanna finish readin it.

Well, i'll post more lata.

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