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Update Feb 20: New poem and short story have been posted this month. The story is something I had to write for english as an assigment based off The Cantebury Tales. Right now I have unbelievable amount of work to deal with because my stupid school is insane. On a brighter side my sophmore project was based after Blade of the Seas so I had to print out all seven chapters. Let me tell you they look beautiful printed. :) Anyways hopefully I'll have more writing soon. I'm auditioning for this fine arts center under creative writing so if I make it in expect lots of writing in the future. Wish me luck. As usual thanks to all my readers and reviewers you guys truly rock!

Update January 2: In case you missed it Blades finally has been updated. Sorry it took so long. :/ I know all of you are excited and expecting more updates, but it might take a little while again. No where near as long as last time, However, I have been having a good amount of inspiration/motivation lately so hopefully a new chapter will be up as soon as possible. Thanks to all my readers and reviewers you guys are the best!

Update December 11: New story posted! I hope everyone takes a look at it. I put a lot of work into it and hope you guys like it as much as Blades. Also I posted a new song, hope everyone likes them. Thanks again to all my reviewers! You guys are awesome!

Update December 8: New song posted! And a new story will be posted soon oncethe first chaptersfinish going through revisions. Also name change as you've noticed

My name is Allyson. I'm in highschool and I love to write(obviously), read, horseback ride, inline skate, and hang with friends. BTW I'm not from Ireland the Leprechaun part is something my friends call me cause i'm short. *Shakes fist at self for being short* Also I'd like to say, please don't judge me by my writing. A lot of my poems I write when I'm depressed and most are full of feeling. I hope you like my stories and poems. Thanks to all readers and reviewers.

Ok about my stories:

Blade of the Seas: I'm really proud of this and i plan to work as much as possible on it. I might even use it as a personal project for my school next year if i think i can finish it in time, so really all input is appreciated.

A Forgotten Freedom: A new story I started. Hopefully will be on continous updates along with Blade. NOt much more to say about it yet. And all input is appreciated

The Symbol of Arianna: Is Complete! but at the same time not really. I might go change some parts and describe more stuff about what happened at Loriana and more of the fights between Caylin and Arie. In General just make it more detailed. When i start doing that i'll inform everyone of it. BTW for everyone who read the sequal i took it down for seriously reconsideration. It prolly will be back up evenutally.

poems: Nothing much to say but i'd apreciate all input

Please R/R any of my stories. I love reviews! Thanks a bunch!

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