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Hello. I am the average insane, tv-addicted 16 year old fic-writer, struggling along, surviving from one review to the next, trying to overcome the perils of writer's block...

I love most anime (excluding like, Bey Blade and all that crap YTV is airing now), but I write mostly SM and originals.

Fic Updates:

In The Cover Of Darkness - *sigh* I'm debating dropping this fic, since I am completely clueless as to where to go from here... my last chapter was pathetic, and I can't believe I posted it... I am willing to consider letting someone else attempt to finish it, but I'll prolly be kinda critical (*wince* and I hate criticism) cuz it's my first posted fic and I love it.

The Way It Began All Over Again: well, I was very VERY proud of this fic, but it was shot down by you guys (only one person reviewed it, excluding my sis, and we all know she doesn't count), so unless something changes, it's just gonna sit there.

Untitled As Of Yet: well, people liked this one, even though noone suggested a title for it yet... :/ I'll work on posting another chapter I have in the makings...

What A Night: late september, back in '63... lol, j/k. My newest fic, which is going over wonderfully (hey, 13 reviews in one day is a lot for me!) so I'll definitely be working on that... Plus vampire-endymion's really freaking hot... ;)

That's all for now! Review and keep watching the skies!

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