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WARNING!!!!! SUGAR HIGH ALERT!!!!!!!!!!I am a 16 year old Canadian girl who is in the middle of Grade 11 *sighs*. I love reading, writing and drawing!. I also love coffee, and cheesecake, and I'm usually hyper or sugarhigh and perky unless...I'm really sick.

My favourite books are the Anne Rice Vampire Series, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series and Dr. Suess!!!!

Hope you enjoy my stories and I hope this hasn't been a boring session.

*Updates (As of November 14th, 2003!)*

4 New poems posted! Try, Home, Lock, Wall of Stone

2 New stories posted Senshi no Rekai, and Rogue

*In Other News*
^_^ Finally i have internet!!! i will try to post more often. Rogue has been temperarily removed, sorry 'bout that. i need to redo it and i havent had that much time to write the rest of it. again, sorry. I'm trying to work on Rogue as fast as I can. The story would go alot faster if my muses would work.

@! (that's a frog!!!lol)

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