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5.1.2019: So I did not gain control of my life. It took control of me and got me a terrible job and too much stress and then a great boyfriend and a new house and a move halfway across the country! So lots of things did not happen. For starters, I haven't written the last few years much. Recently after my job and new found unemployment I got back into it and I finished MailOrder Romance! I... will sadly not be publishing it here, however. I have made a LOT of changes and it's practically not even the same story anymore. On top of that, with all the plagiarism I've seen floating around off of here, I'm not willing to risk something I've put over 10 years of work into... sorry guys. Of course, I doubt anyone who read the story is even still paying attention here, so there's that lol.

I may still post for some of the other stories for a while if I get back to them. I may also post a few 'introductory' chapters of new work now and then, but sadly because of a few bad apples, I can't justify completing a full story here anymore. Anyone else who writes will fully understand that the idea of someone stealing your work - and for those of us with hectic and sporadic lives it has been a TON of work - is painful beyond belief.

For the readers and fans, you guys have been great. You were always very supportive when I needed it the most and I will be forever grateful for that. I will update this if I ever feel satisfied enough with MOR enough to publish it - or any other stories - so you might find it and read it as a complete book.

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