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Invader Pez PM
Joined May '02
Greetings fellow fanfic obsessors. My name is Invader Pez, former pilot of the Irken armada...
No, seriously, I kid you. My name's actually Sage, I live almost in the center of the middle state of the U.S (Missouri). and I'm gonna be a sophomore come August 19th.
I like to eat anything that has dangerous amounts of sugar to the point that it sends everyone running off screaming at what satan has wrought in abject horror, I call myself the Black Sanity Assassin, I'm thiiiiis close to worshipping a flaming Pie, and I adore drawing and writing (obviously). I'm better at the first one, however. Hope you folks at the very least don't end up tasting your most recent meal after reading my drivel.
Thank you! I'll be here all week! Try the veal!
-- Vive la folie!
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