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sleepy fox spirit
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Writing journal (updated randomly)

Let it be known that I rather suck at updating. I'm a busy person and if you have a problem with that... Well, I actually don't care.

General info:

I have 9 piercings, a perverted mind, an obsession with driving fast, a general lack of give-a-damn, a reputation for being a complete asshole, a penchant for procrastinating far too much, and a mouth that probably should be censored but isn't.

New stuff to look for:

Untitled - no title yet. A high school student can hear other people's thoughts and dreams and decides that people are really stupid until he finds one person he can't read. (Romance: Humor, Supernatural. Slash. M)

Walking In Your Shoes - remake of a collaboration story a friend and I started six years ago. Recently stumbled upon it and decided to give it a new spin. (Romance: Humor, Drama. T-M)

Untitled - no title currently, but a story about a disgruntled human added to a werewolf pack and her efforts to leave without, you know, dying. (Supernatural: Humor, Romance. M)

Shades of Gray - college graduates struggling to make something of themselves in the music world and pay the rent on time. (Romance: Humor, Drama. M)

Genesis - in a post-apocalyptic world, survivors struggle to overcome the monsters they created in an effort to enhance their race and their only hope may lie in the most terrible monster of all. (Supernatural: Drama, Action. M)

And several others involving (some of) the cast of Odd Man Out.

Current projects:


Abandoned projects:

Blood Price - simply lost interest.

Odd Man Out - serious rewrite in process.

On Being Different - abandoned for the time being.

The C2 Community: FP Greatest Hits

Stories are added to the community as I find them and bother logging in to add them. They are not added because of the review count or who recommended them but whether I liked them or not, which means they had proper spelling and few to no grammatical errors. Other factors, such as characterization, plot and general writing style are also considered. However, these are all judged on my opinion and my opinion alone. Stories selected span all genres and include homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual relationships. If I do not add a story to the community it is because I do not believe it fits the requirements. I am not looking for staff, the community is only an extension of my favorites list.

Updated 02.12.2008

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