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I'm a teenager who is an individual. By individual, I do not mean the type of the kid who wears a mohawk becausse everyone else in their group is doing it. That's not an individual. They just want attention. I'm a prep, to put it bluntly, but I am my own person. I don't strive to be like my friends, or even try to be. I'm my own person, and people love and respect me for that. I love my family and my friends, but I also love the solitude. I love to be cold. I love the night. But that doesn't mean being hot and in the sunlight isn't nice too. Being depressed isn't about what colors you like. I love the color black, I also like platinum too. When people get too caught up in stereotypes, it blinds them to the actual truths of the people that they were too quick to judge. That summarizes me very quickly--the judged.

I don't write very happy things. It doesn't make me depressed. I find that happiness doesn't have a lot of confliction. I like to write about/using confliction. I love symbolism. All my poetry has it, and I do use it in my short stories and other work, to a certian extent. I'll write pretty much anything: poetry, short stories, vignettes, montages, etc. etc. etc.

I really dislike teeny-boppers (with the exception of my sister...you know...cause I can't not like my sister). I find the entire Boyband/Pop Princess thing to be too cult-like and damaging to the pre-adolescent girls who indulge in it.

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