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All About Me: My name is Brianna, I'm twenty years old, and live somewhere in the United States of America. I spent a while up north, but now live in the south. Precisely where in the south is a classified secret =P. I'm a Christian, and that is a very key part of my life. Sometimes you can tell through my writing, other times not so much. I enjoy riding horses, ice hockey, playing flute, writing stories and reading the work of others, working with a local young adult ministry, photography, scrapbooking, knitting, cross-stitch, needlepoint, anything to do with animals, and I'm especially adept at procrastination. I listen to mainly Christian music (esp. Chris Tomlin,Steven Curtis Chapman, Third Day, Jennifer Knapp, BarlowGirl, Ten Shekel Shirt, Jeremy Camp...) but also enjoy some country (Rascal Flatts, Phil Vassar, Martina McBride...). I have three dogs and a cat, and they are my pride and joy. I had a fish, but he has passed onrecently. I go to a private liberal arts college, where I'm an English major with a minor in communication studies. I'm in a nice relationship at the moment, and quite happy with how things are progressing. I love my friends immensely, and am overall quite content with my life.

Update: 27 October 2005

So last night I made my first update in...a really long time. Here's a quick update to my profile to fill you in on the status of my

Wanting Something More - is complete and was recentlyedited to fix formatting errors with the first twenty-seven chapters. Revision/rewriting is planned for the long-term future, but is not an immediate goal.

A Deeper Love - is pretty much scrapped for now. I write on it very very infrequently, mostly when I get overloaded on one of the others. One day I might finish it, but for now, there likely won't be any more updates.

Distance Makes the Heart - is undergoing some extreme revisions, plot rewrites, etc. It's basically going to be..very different from the story I originally had planned, and will likely be shorter than initially planned (but not too short). I only have about two chapters done at this point, and it's not ready tobe posted, but rest assured that it is being worked on.

At the Starting Gate Again - is currently my pet project; it is being rewritten and undergoing extreme revision, like DMTH, but writing this is much easier because the subject matter is less personal, I've known these characters longer, and I'm a thousand times more organized with it. I know where I'm going, what's happening in between, etc, so I can write several chapters at a time when I really get going. Expect themost frequent updates to be to this story.

That being said, here are general summaries of my stories:

Wanting Something More - Lydia Holland is a junior in high school, and has a crush on her best guy friend, Jordan. As the new school year--his senior year--begins, they grow closer and he realizes that he too, wants something more than a friendship with her. The story follows their relationship and Lydia's life, from her point of view, through his senior year until graduation. This story is complete.

A Deeper Love - is a companion piece to WSM, but is told from Jordan's point of view. It is not currently being updated.

Distance Makes the Heart - Lydia is now a senior in high school, and Jordan is hours away at college. The story covers (or will cover) her senior year and the trials and tribulations that occur during those months. The old adage that "distance makes the heart grow fonder" will be put the testin terms of Lydia and Jordan's relationship. This story is in progress and frequent updates are not guaranteed.

At the Starting Gate Again - Lydia Hale (NOT the same Lydia from the other stories) is twenty-four and living on her family's horse farm in Virginia. She is married to Trent Hale, a minor-league hockey player, and has been since she was nineteen. They have twin four-year-old daughters, and an eighteen-month-old son. Although they have their problems, like all married couples, Lydia could never have forseen the events that will soon transpire, shaking up her perfect life and perfect family. She finds herself in a very unexpected and awkward position, and is virtually 'at the starting gate again', and finds support from a very unexpected source. This story is in progress and will likely be updated fairly often.

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