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Greetings, and many Glorious Salutations!!

I'm tired of writing everything out:

4-18-06: A year and a half later...all I have to say is that I lost any work I had done on Poor Little Rich Girl...but I finally have a computer again, so maybe I'll revisit it. I appologize to anyone who liked my work and I let them down. I'm working on something new though...should be interesting.
11-19-04: Chapter 11 has been started. I've found a few times to write, but used them to sleep. So sorry. I'm suprised you all haven't revolted against me, and vowed never to read my stories again...I guess you all are just superb human beings!
11-01-04: Just wanted to tell you all that I didn't die...and I didn't forget about you, school's been busier this year than I had planned. Sorry about that. I'm making it a daily thing now to allow one hour for writing, at least. Also, just wanted to tell you that "Not just a pretty face" is back to being titled "Poor little rich girl". Just thought that title fit better. Oh, and thank you all so much for the loyal reviews, even if I suck at keeping up!!
7-15-04: Ch. 10 is done and up! It's a little more cheezy than I wanted, but hey, whatdaya gunna do? I don't really have an idea for ch. 11 yet...I'll pump something out though. Never you worry!
7-7-04: Internet at home now! woot! Zero time to write...only 1,000 more words left in ch. 10 (I'm sorry I suck so much about this guys...things are really crazy here)
6-18-04: No internet at home...stealing time at Mom's office...can't stay long...updating that ch.10 is almost done...though it won't be up for some time...so sorry!
6-6-04: WOW, it's been a long time...I feel bad...especially since I have no new chapter...it's ahem half cough done...So sorry! I'll work on it, I is a lot more difficult than I thought. This sucks...meanwhile...enjoy the rest of your lives!!
4-29-04: After major consideration, I moved all my 'dark' poems to another Penname: BlackenedIris. So, if you really miss them, then go there! Oh, and it is where I will be posting all poems that aren't of the 'uplifting' nature...or ones that I really think fit there.

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