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Hello again! I am back, pulled myself out of my deep, long, dark writers block called retirement. I've just posted a new story called 'To Die For'.

If you're wondering, I am female, I'm twenty years old, and I attend college. My major his History, and if it were at all possible to go back in time to any time period, I would go to these years, in this order: Ancient Rome, Industrial Revolution, The year in which Christ was crucified, and then the 1920's.

But, sadly, I can not go back in time yet. So, I'll have to settle for reading three times my weight in books, and visiting museums. It's my dream to work in any of the more well known museums in the world, whether it's the Smithsoneon (I don't know if I spelled that right, pardon moi if I did not) or the Louvre in France.

I am also a photographer and I love studying art. Basically, if anything is old and has an interesting story behind it, I will fall in love with it. Well, that's about all you're going tolearn about me this time. Perhaps I will add more later on. Au Revoir!

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