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GodofNothing PM
Joined May '02
I am a 15-year old guy from Vancouver Canada... keep forgetting to update that number... lol
I started writing poems when i wrote them for this girl 2 years ago, they are so bad i dun even dare put them on here :p
Anyways, she rejected me, and now i've resorted to write depressing poems as a release
I'm still not good yet, r+r is needed on all my poems :)

My homepage contains many of my "early works" (caution: they are REALLY bad, so please refrain from muttering non-constructive criticism ^_^)

If you have any questions or concenrs regarding my poetry/fiction, feel free to e-mail me

Please note my poetry may be offensive to some as I am a right wing activist from Taiwan and extremely repulsed by communistic approaches and oppression China has placed on Taiwan. I am not against the people of China, only the government, please have that in mind as you are reading.

Be sure to check out "a priori" and "A Melancholic"
the former is my "sister"(kinda) she has been my mentor in both English and French
the latter is my best friend

I am announcing that I have stopped writing poetry, and as well halted continuation of the several stories that are here.

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