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There is a fine line in the human being that separates one half of a person from the other. Without its existence, life as we know it could never have existed. It is a space that allows out only what is taken in. It is a void that must remain open and free, lest an emergency descend upon us. Though it is often the cause of many struggles, we must learn to appreciate it, for without our butt cracks, we are nothing.

My name is...
~Lito Skullington. I suppose you can just call me "Kid". Everyone else does.

I was named this because...
~Why do you care? Fine, fine. I'm a big fan of Skull Kid, from Zelda: OoT and M's M, and my friends told me I kind of look like him, trying to insult me. ^_^; I didn't mind. Actually, I thought it was kinda cool to look like him, so I decided to make up a name for my new identity. First, I just kind of inverted the name, and became "Kid Skullington". But, one of my best Internet buddies suggested I have a middle name. So, I thought and thought and thought, but I just couldn't think of a witty middle name. Then, someone on the street screamed at me: "Hey, you! Little kid!"And, TA DA! Now, "Kid Little Skullington sounded pretty lame, so I kinda made a pun out of the insult "little kid". Hence the name, "Lito Kid". "Kid" became my nickname, after someone on my baseball team jokingly called me "the Kid". I was like, "Aha! I don't need a middle name! I have a nickname!" So, I created the name "Lito Skullington", nicknamed "Kid". TA DA!!! (There's more to it than that, but you're probably bored, so I just shortened it up and took out some minor details.)

I am _ years old.
~13, as of July 29. *throws confetti* Big freakin' whoop dee do. I'm a teenager. *unenthusiasically blows noise maker* Whee. -_-;

My eyes are...
~Brown, but in a few rare moments, actually go a kind of orangeish. Whee. -_-;

My hair is...
~short, boyish, and black. Go me. -_-;

I am _ tall.
~Uh... last time I checked, it was 5' 2". O_o

I am _ lbs.
~Isn't that a little personal?! Well, fine. Somewhere between 90 and 100. I forget. I look fatter than that, though. I used to look scrawny, but then... um... yeah. I grew up. =^^=

My bra size is...
~O_O 36 B or something...Next question!

I live...
~Somewhere in California, in a city that doesn't exsist on the map. Yayness. -_-;

My hobbies are...
~Uh... eating, sleeping, skating (how typically Californian) stealing, causing utter mayhem, writing, drawing, playing video games, watching lotsa cartoons and anime, working on the computer, emptying the fridge of all its food, listening to music, and doing lotsa other non-girly stuff.

My favorite music bands are...

I absolutely hate...
~School! Especially P.E! And, cheerleaders. I know lots of nice girls are cheerleaders, but... GRR! They just annoy me with their stupid preppyness...

I absolutely love...
~O_O This oughtta be long...
*Marth and Roy (from Fire Emblem and SSBM) Cute shounen-ai... *gets beat up by people who hate Marth + Roy* Although... I like Marth-sama a little, tiny bit more... *gets beat up by Roy fans*
*Duo Maxwell (from Gundam Wing) He's so dreamy... * 2 x 4 4evah!
*Skull Kid (from Zelda) *grabs him, growling* Mine. =P I'm his #1 fan!
*Link (from Zelda) He's not as hot as Marth, but still pretty good-lookin'! ^_^
*Double D (from Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy) He's just so kawaii! ^_^
*Matt (from Digimon) Even though I don't really like that show, I still think he's cute...
*Team Rocket (from Pokemon) Don't get me started on Team Rocket injustice... =(
*Shadow (from Sonic Adventure 2) The second non-homo-sapien I've ever had a crush on. ^_^;
*Van and Raven (from Zoids) Such a cute shounen-ai coupling! ^_^
*That one sunglasses dude who always makes a cameo appearance and says "You foo--!" all the time. (from Courage, the Cowardly Dog) He's cute, in a weird way.
*Timber the Tiger (from Diddy Kong racing) So kawaii with his little blue hat... ^_^
*Legolas (from the Lord of the Rings) I liked him, even before Orlando Bloom played as him. So, blah. =P
*Pippin (from the Lord of the Rings) ^_^ Cute as a button. Why is everyone so mean to him? So he's a little... um... less fortunate than us in smarts...
*Sai Sici (from G Gundam)At first, he annoyed the hell outta me, but now... He's so friggin' KAWAII!! ^_^
*Gang Green Gang! (from Powerpuff Girls) Don't ask. Just. Don't. (my fave is Ace. ^_^)
*Kai (from Mobile Suit Gundam) I know... losta people hate him... well! I don't! So! Nyaa! =P
*The Larry 3000 (from Time Squad) ^_^ I just love him to bits and pieces!!!
*Riku (from Kingdom Hearts) I dunno why... I just do. *shrugs*
*Donald Duck (Disney) I just love him! *huggles the fowl* In his cute little sailor suit, or his kick-ass zippery suit, he's just so adorable!
*Grim (from Grim & Evil) ^_^ I loveth him. Why are Billy and Mandy so mean to him?! =(
*MegaMan (mostly the one in MegaMan64) Ka-yuuute! I like him with his helmet off... *
*Luigi (from Mario Bros.) He deserves some attention, too... 8_8
Joey (from Yu-Gi-Oh) I don't know what his reall name is... I know it's all Japanesey... Welp, I like him anywayz!
Mokuba (from Yu-Gi-Oh) Don't know how to spell it. x_x; He's cute... ^^
*JUNK FOOD!!! ^_^
*video games, TV, computers, CD players, ect. ect.
*DRAGONS!!! ^_^
*PANTHERS!!! ^_^
*My plushies. My grandmother makes 'em for me. She's making me a Marth-plushie, oh joy! ^_^
(This list may get longer in the future, but I'm getting tired.)

I would best describe myself as...
~Unpredictable. One minute, I'm dark, depressing, quiet, and Gothic-y, and the next, I'm rabid-circus-bunny-on-a-sugar-high crazy. Most of the time, I'm just calm and quiet. I'm what could be called a dreamer, or even an outsider. I like to play pranks, and most of the time I make people nervous, because I'm always so silent and shifty, and they think I'm planning mischief. *evil laughter* Mwahaha, fear the Lost Woods Child! =D

You should expect my writing to be...
~Humorous. Disturbing. Crazy. Maybe, once in a while, serious and angusty. It mostly depends on my mood. ^_^

When I grow up, I wanna be...
~What am I, a little kid? -_-; A novelist. With illustrations, mind you. ^_^

If I could be anything in the world, I'd want to be...
~A swordswoman! No, wait, A Gundam pilot! Hold on, maybe an elf! No, a Skull Kid! No, a dragon! A super villian! An obnoxious hero! A mischevious child! A pickle! Aw, heck, I dunno. I'd want to be something... ^_^;

Updated fics:
~Yay! My keyboard am working like a working thing again! Now, you all have to suffer my wrath... once again! *evil laughter* (this is usually the only part of my profile that gets changed every now and then. Everything else is pretty much the same as when I first came here. X_x; I'm such a lazy little Kid.)

Finally! The end! Yayness! The Kid has left the building! Say buh-byez to the Lost Woods Child!

Random Person: And, good ridence to you, ya loony! =P

Kid: RAWR!!! *sics a rabid, naked mole rat eating cheese balls with ketchup on the poor random person* (notices you're still reading) Eh heh heh... You didn't see a friggin' thing! Go away now!

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