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Hello all, I'm changing my bio *yet again* Anyway, I finally have some awesomely cool reviewers for "Jerica's Dream" so the other stories are on hold for now, though if I get any fits of mad inspiration I'll be sure to update them. Anyway, just a note on chapter 10 of Jerica's Dream, "Coffee and Cutting", it ends very abruptly, I realise this, but it's sorta necessary. If it's just too weird, tell me and I'll try to change it so it's not so awkward. Anyway, love to all my reviewers and keep reading!

Okey, here's a list of my stories in progress:

Saint Peter's Day Off- Religious Parody- IT IS NOT DONE! DO NOT THINK IT IS DONE!!

Jerica's Dream: YAYYY I updated- Supernatural fic, people seem to like it.

Tooth and Nails- Muy mysterioso- I won't say much more- if you don't like not knowing what exactly is going on, i don't think you'd like this. *giggle*

The Orb Trilogy: My loooong story that needs much typing up. This may take a while, because i am editing along the way and making my chapters longer than a quarter of a page typed *grin*

Well that's all folks, though i may start posting my songs online. I'm actually in a band called Extra Medium and though we've never played anywhere we do sound good. Ok...there's only me and my best friend. BUT STILL! We sound good.

Oh, in a bit my homepage will change to that of a business called "Lezohlina" that my friends and I have created. We sell accessories and stuff. Check it out if you have the time, but its not even *close* to done yet so wait until I give word, lol.

Want to know more about me? Give me an email. But put something like "person from fictionpress" in the heading.

if you'd like to be told when ive updated (this can be very sporadic, if you didn't already know), then email me and say so.

uhhh Thats all
PS try and figure out which is part of my real name!! WHEE you'll never guess and ill never tellll... unless you review ^^

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